Bridge City Bank was founded in 1959 as a customer-oriented, convenient bank with a focus on the needs of consumers and small businesses. Our founders made this vision a reality through friendly, innovative lending practices that are still used today. Bridge City Bank is an institution in which Southeast Texans place their confidence and trust. Face-to-face contact with our customers is the cornerstone of our bank. Today that cornerstone is enhanced through other options available to our customers such as Online banking, Mobile banking and 24-hour telephone customer service. However, we always encourage our customers to come see us personally.

With three convenient locations in Bridge CityLumberton and Orange, our customers still benefit from the implementation of these fundamental principles. As Bridge City’s only locally owned, independent bank we are proud to serve our community. You will see our employees and officers throughout the neighborhood. They are encouraged and supported for their civic involvement and volunteer efforts.

Come and See Us at Bridge City Bank!

Mission Statement

The mission of Bridge City Bank is to provide quality financial services to our community which will promote stability and economic growth. This will facilitate future bank growth, increase value to our stockholders, and maintain an attractive work environment for our employees. Bridge City Bank intends to continue building strong relationships with our customers while maintaining acceptable profits. It is our stated desire to remain an independent bank with sufficient capital while keeping our options open to future expansion