ATM Safety Notice

Customer Notice for User Safety at Unmanned Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

Bridge City Bank attempts to ensure the safety for all of our valued customers. Bridge City Bank has conducted a good faith evaluation of safety for each of our unmanned teller machines that we operate.

Bridge City Bank is providing this Notice to provide you with the following basic safety precautions for all Unmanned
Automated Teller Machines (ATMs):

  • For outdoor terminals, be aware of your environmental surroundings and be cautious of complicated weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, sand or dust storm, or other similar conditions.
  • Conduct your automated banking in a public, well-lighted location that is free of shrubbery and decorative partitions or dividers.
  • Maintain an awareness of your surroundings throughout the entire transaction. Be aware of:
    • Anyone trying to help you with an ATM transaction.
    • Anyone trying to look over your shoulder as you enter your PIN.
    • Anyone sitting in a parked car nearby.
  • When leaving an ATM make sure you are not being followed. If you are, drive immediately to a police or fire station, or to a crowded, well-lighted location or business.
  • If not using a Bridge City Bank ATM, do not use an ATM that appears unusual looking or offers options with which you are not familiar or comfortable with.
  • Always memorize your PIN; never write it on the back of your card. Do not re-enter your PIN if the ATM eats your card, please contact a Bank representative.
  • Never count your cash at the ATM or in public. Wait until you are in your car or another secure place.
  • When using a drive-up ATM, keep your engine running, your doors locked and leave enough room to maneuver between your car and the one ahead of you in the drive-up line.
  • Maintain a supply of deposit envelopes at home or in your car. Prepare all transaction paperwork prior to your arrival at the ATM. This will minimize the amount of time spent at the machine. Never leave an ATM receipt near an unmanned ATM.
  • Closely monitor your bank statements, as well as your balances, and compare ATM receipts against your monthly statement. Immediately report any problems or discrepancies to a Bank representative.
  • If you’re unfortunately involved in any kind of confrontation with an assailant who demands your money, COMPLY.
  • If you lose or have your card ATM stolen from you, immediately report this by calling Bridge City Bank or going to online banking and “Manage Card”.